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3 Important Screening Techniques When Hiring New Employees

Whether your business is large or small, much of its success is determined by the types of employees you hire. You ideally want to hire competent, effective professionals, which you can do when you employ the following screening techniques:

Conduct a Skills/Personality Assessment

There will be times when your company needs to hire individuals with a specific set of skills. Instead of hiring employees on a whim, hoping they'll be a good fit, you can narrow down your search through skills/personality assessments. They test potential candidates in different domains, including cognitive functioning, decision-making, leadership, specific job knowledge, and integrity. 

These assessments can also measure an individual's personality, which you may need for a particular role. For example, if the job requires constant communication with clients and customers, then you'll need candidates who are extroverts and outgoing. The Big Five model tends to be the most popular personality assessment, which analyzes people on a spectrum of five personalities. These include extroversion, agreeableness, openness, conscientiousness, and neuroticism.  

Verify Past Employment 

Sometimes the best way to predict future success and behavior is to look at the past. That's what makes employment verification so important for choosing the best employees. Look into each candidates work history, which they should have included in their resume.

Contact each company if you can, to see what that candidate's work ethic was like. You'll also be able to verify important details to make sure candidates are telling the truth, such as the role they had or why they left the company. 

Utilize Ink Fingerprinting

Employees with a criminal background pose a lot of risks to your company, both financially and physically. Fortunately, you can use ink fingerprinting to weed out the risky, bad candidates. It uses fingerprints to run background checks on all applicants. 

The process is pretty standard. After a candidates' fingers are cleaned, they are then rolled into ink. Then, each finger is rolled onto prepared cards, and flat impressions are made onto the bottom of each card. These impressions verify the accuracy of each rolled print. Thanks to this process, you can rest assured your employees are good citizens without checkered pasts. 

Hiring new employees is a fun, yet stressful process because you don't want to make a mistake. As long as you screen applicants to ensure they are a good fit long-term, you won't have to second-guess any part of your hiring process. You'll get the right professionals each time. Contact a company like Poway Livescan for more information and assistance.