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Surprise One Of Your Employees With A Luncheon And Award

If you own an accounting firm and one of your employees has demonstrated excellent customer service skills and has gone above and beyond your expectations when it comes to completing job assignments on time, you may be thinking about awarding them for their exemplary behavior. Why not surprise this employee with a luncheon and engraved plaque by using the tips below? 

Request That Each Employee Make A Covered Dish

Send your employees a memo that requests that each person stay after hours so that you can inform them about the luncheon and award ceremony. In the memo, name the person who will be awarded and request that nobody tell this person about the plans that are being made on their behalf. After the person who is being singled out has left the building, hold an impromptu meeting to discuss the impending event and ask each of your employees to make a covered dish for the luncheon.

Each worker can let you know what they are willing to bring so that you can ensure that there will be a wide variety of food options to choose from on the day of the event. Some people can bring in beverages, disposable dinnerware, or cutlery if they do not want to make a homemade dish.

Order An Engraved Plaque

Stop by a business that sells and engraves plaques, such as Trophy Awards, so that you can pick out a plaque for the employee who is being honored. Have the individual's name and job title engraved along the front of the plaque. A brief statement about the hard work that has been completed or the social skills that the person possesses can be added to the award.

Hide the award in your office or a closet so that the guest of honor doesn't accidentally stumble upon it. On the day of the luncheon and award ceremony, wait until everyone is seated before announcing the name of the person who is being awarded. 

Ask The Guest Of Honor To Meet You In The Conference Room

On the day of the luncheon, make arrangements for employees to bring their covered dishes through the back door of the business so that the guest of honor doesn't grow suspicious. One or two people can be in charge of setting up a dining area inside of the building's conference room. Right before the luncheon and award ceremony, stop by each employee's desk and ask everyone to head to the conference room.

After your workers are seated, ask the guest of honor to meet you in the conference room. When they walk inside of the room, they will be surprised to see everyone else there and will be taken aback by the luncheon that has been prepared for them and the personalized award.