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Three Tips For Caring For Your Wine Glasses

High-end wine glasses can be a very noticeable part of your table settings. However, there are many people that may not be very informed about the best steps for properly caring for their collection of wine glasses. More precisely, there are several key steps that you should always plan on following if you are to minimize the risk of encountering several common issues.

Polish The Glasses Before Each Use

It is unlikely that you will be using your high-end wine glasses on a daily basis. During the time when these glasses are being stored, it can be possible for dust and dander to start to gather on the interior and exterior of the glasses. In addition to being unsightly, this can also impact the taste of any wine that is served in the glass. Prior to using these glasses, you should use a microfiber cloth to gently remove any dust or watermarks that may be present on both the interior and exterior of the glass. This may take some time to complete if you have a number of wine glasses, but the benefits of ensuring your guests receive crystal clear wine glasses can make the effort worthwhile.

Protect The Glasses When Moving Them

Eventually, you will need to either move to a new home or relocated your wine glasses. In these situations, you will want to take active steps to reduce the risk of cracks or other damages occurring to the wine glasses. To do this, you should thoroughly wrap the glasses in a protective layer of paper that will help to absorb any impacts the glasses experience. When you are choosing a type of paper to use, you should avoid using any that contains pigments as this colors may rub off on the glasses where they can stain it.

Remove Chipped Or Cracked Glasses From Use

Despite your best efforts, your glasses are likely to suffer some type of damage over the time that you own them. When these glasses become cracked or chipped, you will have no choice but to throw them away. When glasses become chipped, it can be more likely that a person may accidentally ingest small shards of glass from the damaged area, and this can put them at risk of potentially suffering serious injuries. You may hate the idea of having to throw away one or more of these glasses, but it may be the only safe option once the glass has become compromised enough for a chip or crack to form in it.