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So, You Want To Be A Life Coach? Characteristics That Will Make You Great

ACTP coach training is the training and certification program that will teach you the skills needed to be a life coach. However, not everything you learn in this program will teach you to be the best life coach you can be. You are going to meet all kinds of personalities, some of which may be very challenging. There are some characteristics that set great life coaches apart from just the good or so-so life coaches. See if you have the following characteristics before you decide to sign up for life coach certification and training through a company like Envision Coach Training.

Super-Positive Personality

You are going to meet with lots of people who have had it rough. They have struggled so long and gotten not very far in life. Their stories will probably make you sad and maybe even frustrated for them. You have to give them some empathy, but then you have to help them move beyond that. They are hiring you to help them move their lives in a better direction, and with a better attitude. That is hard to do for some people. It is even harder to do for you if you do not have a super-positive personality. 

Lots of Energy

You need lots of energy to keep up with your clients and to establish new ones. You cannot be late for appointments, as that puts a negative spin on your clients' day. From the moment you get up in the morning until the time you stop seeing clients in the afternoon or evening, you need to keep up your energy levels. Those energy levels need to transfer over to your clients so that they feel excited and motivated to attack their short-term goals and begin succeeding at life.

Understanding What a Personal Calling Is, and Following It

Not everyone can be a life coach, just like not everyone can be a priest or a psychiatrist. You have to want to help people, and you have to know that this is how you are going to help them. You also have to accept that your clients are going to have all kinds of life callings themselves, and you have to figure out how to support their individual callings. Motivating them toward their life callings and providing steps to help them realize that and strive for it is a challenge, but if they succeed, you succeed. That is a very big part of this rewarding career.