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Sell Crocheted Items That You Have Made

If you enjoy crocheting and have made quite a few homemade afghans, scarves, and baby clothes in your lifetime and now wish to market your wares in hopes of earning some extra cash, advertising your services and providing people with samples of projects that you have completed can help you succeed at your endeavors. Follow the suggestions below to help you draw attention and sell crocheted items.

Create An Album

Lay some of your favorite creations on a flat surface and use your mobile phone to take pictures of the crocheted items. Upload the pictures to your computer. Purchase a color copier and some copy paper. Print color photos of the crocheted items. Place the copies inside of laminated sleeves. Use a hole puncher to make holes alongside the edge of each laminated page. Place the laminated pages inside of a binder.

Whenever you are going to be meeting with people at a social function, bring the album along with you and show it to people you encounter. If anyone is interested in the crocheted items and would like to purchase one of them or would like to order an item that is similar to what they have seen, provide people with prices and allow each client to place an order with you. 

Have A Website Designed

If you do not already have a website that showcases your crocheted items, think about having one designed so that people can view items at their own pace and place orders from the comfort of their homes. Before having a website designed, write down some information that you would like included on the site.

The prices that you charge, the types of yarn that you use to create items, and a way to contact you are vital for your small business to be successful. After your website is up and running, people can contact you directly if they would like to place an order or if they have a specific question about a crocheted item that they are interested in. 

Host Informal Parties That Feature Your Items

Informal parties that your friends and family attend can assist with getting the word out about your crocheting abilities. If you bring handmade items with you to each social gathering, you may be able to sell them and acquire additional orders for crocheted items.

Design invitations online with the assistance of a template. Use your color copier to print copies of the invitations. If your first party is a success, book additional parties that a larger amount of people are invited to. 

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