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What To Do If You Want To Open A Pagan Cafe

If you want to find a way to create a business that combines your interest in the pagan cultures and religions with your work, then you may find yourself thinking of opening a pagan cafe. While pagan shops and stores are quite common, pagan cafes are few and far between. This means that there is likely a niche market in your area that you can cash in on. However, if you have never run your own business before, much less one that serves beverages and possibly food, you may be at a loss for what to do in the process. Get to know some of the steps you may want to take when opening a pagan cafe, and get started building your new pagan business as soon as possible. 

Get Your Food Handler's Permits Taken Care Of

One of the first steps you will want to take when opening a pagan cafe is to get your food handler's permits out of the way. In order to serve coffee beverages and/or food at your cafe, you will need to have taken some online training courses and passed the associated examinations to get your food handler's permit. While this may seem like an arbitrary step, it is one that you cannot skip if you want your business to be legitimate or successful. 

Find Pagan Food Vendors

If you do not want to bake any of the tasty treats you might serve in your pagan cafe yourself, you will also want to reach out to the pagan community to find food vendors. And even if you do plan to do some cooking and baking yourself, offering your cafe as a place for other pagan business owners to sell their edible goods can foster goodwill in the community and drive in more business to your cafe. 

As such, you should try to find pagan food vendors that offer specialty baked and other edible goods. Look for such vendors that include ingredients with meaning in their baked goods as well. Certain herbs or spices, for example, can be considered magical. Allspice is one such ingredient that is believed to bring prosperity as well as luck. Rosemary is thought to provide protection and improve health. Finding pagan food vendors that understand the meaning of the ingredients they use can help to provide some authenticity to your pagan cafe. 

Consider Having a Small Shop in Your Cafe

Many people, pagan or just curious, will come to your cafe to learn about witchcraft or to potentially buy pagan wares. As such, you may want to have a small shopping area in your cafe with such goods. You could sell candles, for example, and a few books about black candle magic and other candle magic. You could also sell some bulk herbs for the practicing Wiccans in your customer base. Other goods, like goddess statues, spell books, and other supplies would also be excellent options. Just offering a small sampler of pagan goods will help to increase sales and make your business unique among other cafes in the area. Reach out to a business like Best Black Magic to get ideas for stocking your cafe.

Knowing these steps to take if you want to open a pagan cafe, it is time to get started and get your pagan business off the ground.