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Preparing Your RV For Seasonal Self Storage

During colder months of the year, you likely shut down your RV and put it in some form of storage. If you have been doing this at home, you may be considering switching to RV self storage units. If this is the case, there are a few steps you need to take to prepare your RV and ensure it is ready for the storage duration. These preparations will help to maintain your RV during the colder months of the year and have it ready for use as soon as the next suitable season starts.

Disconnect Services

The first step to take in preparing for the move to RV self storage units is to disconnect certain services related to the RV. For example, if you have satellite radio services or internet, you may want to disconnect those for the duration of the storage season. Most companies will have an option to only buy seasonal use packages or to lower the package you have for just a few months while the RV is being stored. You also want to disconnect any heating or cooling that may be onboard to ensure the system is in a storage mode before it enters the unit.

Maintenance Charger

Consider buying and installing a maintenance charger for the RV battery. This charger will check the battery periodically and make sure that everything is still functional. If there is a problem, you can be alerted by phone if the charger is smartphone connected. You can also check the charger easily if you visit the RV self storage units on a routine basis. The charger will let you know if there is a power issue with the battery and if it should be replaced before the RV comes out of storage. This can save time and prevent you from having a dead battery when you go to move the RV out of storage for seasonal use.

Check Fluid Levels

You should contact your RV dealer and find out which fluid levels should be capped off and which should be drained for storage purposes. There are some RV systems that should have all fluids drained if the RV will be in storage for more than a few months. Depending on the make and model of your RV, you will need to make sure the fluids are at the proper level before placing the RV into the unit. If you do not have the equipment to drain the fluids, make sure to visit your RV mechanic for assistance with preparing the fluid levels for RV self storage units.

These are just a few of the ways to prepare for RV self storage. If you have located your storage facility, make sure to ask if there are further ways to prepare for the length of storage. They can help you with tips that work for their specific units and answer questions you have. They can also help with upgrades and other amenities for your storage unit you may not have considered.

For more information, reach out to facilities with RV self storage units.