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Two High-End Upgrades To Make Your Bathroom Renovation Worth It

Are you going to be renovating your bathroom and want a way to do much more than swap out the vanity and put a new coat of paint on the wall? If so, you'll be looking into some new items to put into the space that will really make the bathroom a space that you enjoy using. Here are two high-end upgrades that will make renovating your bathroom worth it.

LED Shower Panel

If you thought that your detachable shower head was amazing, just wait until you see what an LED shower panel can do. These ultra-modern fixtures can do so much to change how you use your shower, all while remaining elegant. The main point of interest is the LED lighting that is generated by the water flowing through the shower head, so there is no need to run an electrical line or replace a battery in the fixture itself. The panels are also made out of stainless steel, which will never rust or become discolored after years of daily use.

These shower panels also have some unique benefits, which include multiple shower heads with thermostatic temperature controls. This ensures that the water coming out of the shower head will always be the perfect temperature, even when the hot and cold water streams fluctuate. There is no more getting a blast of cold or hot water when someone else uses the water in your home by flushing a toilet or using a sink.

Radiant Heat

Have you ever stepped out of your shower and felt the cold tiles underneath your feet? This is often the case when your home has a traditional HVAC system where the heat rises up to the ceiling. That is why it is worth making an upgrade to radiant heat in the bathroom floor. It adds a layer of comfort that you may have experienced in a high-end hotel in the past.

You can install electric heating cables that are placed underneath the floor, which are activated by turning on a timer. It will warm up the floor so that the space is warm for when you finally get out of the shower. Unlike the hydraulic system alternative to radiant heat, you do not need to install a complicated system of water pipes and a heater to make radiant heat work. Electric systems can be retrofitted into any bathroom and are completely safe since they are underneath the sealed tile floor.

For more information about your upgrade options, contact a local bathroom fixture supplier like Nezza USA