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Purchase Or Create A Reusable Face Mask

People are mandated to wear personal protection face masks in many jurisdictions and if you have been hired to work in a grocery store, you will be coming into contact with people on a daily basis, making it essential to do your part to prevent the spread of germs. A washable personal protection face mask can be purchased from a retailer or you can use a piece of fabric and a filtering system to create a mask.

Look For A Disposable Filter System

If you plan on purchasing a mask from a retailer, look for a cloth or a gauze mask that contains a chamber that is designed to hold a disposable filter. Filter packs are usually sold separately, but some washable masks come with a single use filter. Any mask that you purchase should be sealed inside of a plastic bag or container and on the packaging you should be presented with information about how long a filter can be used, before needing to dispose of it and replace it with a fresh one.

Before choosing a mask, look over each style that is displayed. Some masks will feature pleating, which will extend the fabric outward, away from your nose and mouth. The slight gap that will remain will make it comfortable for you to wear your mask, without the fabric restricting your movement or blocking your nasal passages or mouth.

A mask that does not contain pleating will be equally effective in preventing droplets from coming into the contact with the air, but the lack of the pleating will result in the fabric laying flat across your face. Each mask that is made with fabric can be laundered, either by hand or in a washing machine.

If you get into the habit of removing your mask after work and washing it promptly, you will have plenty of time to dry it, prior to your next work shift beginning. Purchase several masks and filters so that you have plenty of backup coverings that are ready for use.

Create A Mask

Use a store bought mask as a guide or look for a pattern to refer to, if you plan on making your own mask. Purchase some fabric that possesses an attractive pattern or that is a color that you are fond of. Elastic will be needed to create a strap, either along each side of the mask or along the back of the face gear.

Once you are done sewing the mask, attach a pocket to the interior side of the fabric. The pocket will be used to hold a disposable filter. Before laundering the mask each day, remove the filter and dispose of it. Once your mask is clean and dry, insert a new filter in the pocket.

If you are currently working around people, make sure you have a washable personal protection mask