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Shopping For A Handmade Area Rug? Use These Smart Tips For More Satisfaction

Hard surface flooring, such as tile, hardwood, and laminates, continue to grow in popularity as homeowners and builders move away from wall-to-wall carpeting. Unlike carpeting, hard surface floors do not harbor allergens like pollen and dander, making them a better choice for allergy sufferers. Households that include pets also tend to favor hard surface floors because they are easier to clean and less likely to stain or harbor odors. 

But even the most ardent lover of hard surface flooring will still want to soften some of their floor spaces by adding one or more handmade area rugs to their home. Homeowners who are currently searching for unique, well-crafted area rugs can use the following tips to help make their purchase experience as satisfying as possible. 

Decide what type of handmade rug best suits your needs

Handmade rugs come in many types, so it is important to think about how you will use the rug before beginning to shop. Rugs that will be in high-traffic areas should be durable and easy to clean. Handmade rugs constructed from materials like jute and sisal provide the durability needed for heavy human and pet traffic zones, like entry areas and hallways. 

Handmade canvas rugs are another type that works well when durability and ease of cleaning are the goals. Some types of canvas rugs are designed to be removed from an attached pad and laundered to restore their appearance. 

Look for clues about construction and quality

Unlike machine-woven rugs, handmade area rugs are woven, knitted, or hooked by hand using a variety of materials. To get the best quality, shoppers will want to carefully examine rugs for details that indicate quality materials and expert workmanship were used in the creation process. Some signs of quality and good workmanship include: 

Because of the work involved in creating a handmade rug, buyers should be wary about stores and outlets that claim to offer discounts. Legitimate dealers of handmade rugs will be unlikely to offer discounted pricing because of the steep costs of purchasing and transporting the rugs from the countries where they are made. 

To ensure that a satisfactory experience when shopping for area rugs, shoppers will want to work closely with a reputable handmade rug dealer. 

For more information, contact a business that sells handmade area rugs, such as Rug Resources.