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Choose The Location And Design Of An Infinity Pool

An infinity pool possesses a sloped edge that allows water to drain downward. This type of water feature provides the illusion of a barrier not being present. If you are contemplating the installation of this type of pool, explore some variables that may influence the installation location and the pool style that you choose.

The Backdrop

Many people choose to have their infinity pools installed in an area that has a steep slope or a natural water feature. Because of the wall design of this type of pool, as water seeps out it can appear as if it is pouring into a hillside, an ocean, a lake, or another geographical feature.

The ideal installation location for this type of pool is in an area that is slightly or moderately sloped. A pool contractor can show you various infinity pool layouts and inspect your property. During the inspection, the contractor will offer you some insight into where the pool will provide you with the best ambiance.

This location can be along a deck that overlooks natural features or along a patio or another hardscaped feature that is elevated. If you have a jacuzzi or a small wading pool on your property, it can be integrated into the design of an infinity pool. This way, it provides the illusion that the two bodies of water are connected.

The Design

An infinity pool can be installed semi-inground or fully above ground. An infinity pool can contain rounded or linear edges. The most common shape of this type of pool is one that is angular and that contains straight sides. Most of the exterior parts of an infinity pool will have walls that are similar to those used to construct a standard pool.

The main difference between a standard pool and an infinity pool is that one of the walls will dip downward. The dip will not compromise the safety of anyone who is swimming in an infinity pool. Instead, it will allow water to seep out of the side of the pool. The water will pour downward and be collected in a basin.

Pumps and hydraulics are used to reroute the water that accumulates in a catch basin. A catch basin can be designed with the same materials as an infinity pool. Using the same types of materials will provide a new water feature with a consistent appearance that is complementary to the land that both the pool and the catch basin are installed on. To learn more, contact a company that services infinity pools.