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Why Custom Décor Framing Might Be Worth The Premium Price

Are you looking to put a new photograph or a new piece of art up on the wall? If so, you are likely shopping for the right frame. While it's possible to just walk into any major department store and find an appropriate size frame, certain photos, pieces of artwork, or other special items might call for a more elaborate or custom solution. Here's why it might be worth making the additional investment in custom décor framing before putting up something new on the walls of your house or office.

Long-Term Protection and Preservation

If you've invested in a large photograph printed out on a premium canvas or a high-end piece of art that you wish to display within a certain room, you will want a frame that will stand the test of time. A sturdy, well-built frame that fully encloses the special item will offer protection from accidental damage and help you preserve whatever is on display, keeping the photo, art, or other items in mint condition. You can even look into certain customizations like double-paned glass that help keep air away from the precious item inside the frame or glass that is treated to help reflect and push the sun's UV rays away from the art the frame is trying to protect.

Get a Color Match for the Room or Wall As Well As Premium Materials

You might get lucky if you go to enough department stores or search online for a frame that is the same color as the wall it will be hanging on, but a custom design will allow you to get the exact look and size that you want. You can get the exact color you want to match the wall perfectly or perhaps you want a specific different color to complement the rest of the room or call attention to the art. Using high-end materials for the frame with custom etching or a special design may be appropriate as well depending on what is encased within.

Custom Décor Frames Can Be Built in All Sizes

Custom décor frames are most commonly used for photos and art, but you could get a custom frame designer to help you showcase just about anything. Do you have someone's rookie baseball card that's worth thousands of dollars? Protect it and display it for everyone to see with a small, well-made frame. Maybe you want to frame a special education certificate you received or create a wall with all of the awards your children have brought home from school. No matter what you have, a custom frame can help. Contact a custom décor framing service to learn more.