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The Benefits Of Automated Reference Checking Software

As a business owner, you have likely seen firsthand the way technology has impacted and changed the way businesses operate. One of the lesser-known ways that technology is currently helping businesses is through their reference checking process. Automated reference checking software can make checking the education, past work history and personal references of potential new hire employees fast and thorough. Learning about the benefits of automated reference checking software can help you to see the reasons why this type of software may be beneficial for your business. 

Automated Reference Checking Software Reduces Reference Checking Time 

One of the benefits associated with automated reference checking is that it can drastically reduce the amount of time you or your human resources team spend checking a potential hire's references. Calling references, leaving messages, playing phone tag, and even talking on the phone can all take time. With automated reference checking, emails are entered into the system, and then an email is sent off to the appropriate party. The system sends reminder emails to the appropriate parties if they do not respond, helping to ensure you do not spend a lot of time tracking references down. Once they respond, you are emailed a copy of the form they filled out, allowing you to learn more about the candidate. 

Automated Reference Checking Ensures Transparency and Consistency

Another benefit associated with automated reference checking software is that this type of software helps to ensure there is transparency and consistency with your hiring process. The platform or software asks every reference the same exact questions. This helps to ensure that a potential candidate cannot claim they were discriminated against, and helps to ensure your company is obtaining the same exact information on every new hire. 

Automated Reference Checking Helps to Prevent Fake References

The final benefit associated with automated reference checking software is that the software or platform checks for fake references. The system stores email address and company information. If a potential candidate has bad references, they may ask a friend or family member to pretend to be a reference for them. The automated system stores phone numbers, names, and email addresses. It can alert you to the fact that an email address may be a personal email address or personal phone number, rather than a business phone number or email address. This can help you avoid getting fake references. 

Checking the references of potential new hires is important, as it helps to ensure you are hiring the best candidates for your position. However, traditional reference checking can be time-consuming, tedious, and flawed. Automated reference checking is one of the fastest and most thorough ways to check out potential candidates before you formally offer them a job with your company.