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Tips For Loading Your Moving Truck

Do you have all your boxes packed, your furniture wrapped up in plastic, and now your moving day has arrived? If so, you'll want to follow these tips for packing your moving truck.

Load Your Boxes

The first thing that you'll want to do is pack your boxes along the back of the truck, which is the part of the truck near the driver's seat. If you've used actual moving boxes, you should only have a few different sizes of boxes to pack in the truck which helps them stack nicely. Do not pack the boxes to the top of the truck though, since you'll need to save room for the next set of items.

Load Your Lightweight And Breakable Items

The top load of a moving truck is all of the lightweight items that need to be protected. Such as chairs, stools, suitcases, bags, and things of that nature. There are items that cannot be stacked, and may easily be crushed by the weight of other items in the moving truck. You can place these items on top of the stack of boxes to keep them out of the way of the rest of your belongings.

Wall Off The Boxes

You'll want to use large and tall items to create a wall between your boxes and the rest of the truck. It is best to use things like mattresses that are placed vertically and tall dressers in order to do this. The wall of furniture will prevent the boxes from moving toward the other side of the truck and prevent things from breaking.

Load Your Stackable Furniture

Next, you should load in a base of furniture that can have items stacked on top of it. This includes wide dressers, nightstands, end tables, couches, and things that are low to the ground with a solid top to them. You can then stack even more short furniture like this on top of those items, but avoid stacking this section all the way to the top of the truck.

Load Your Un-Stackable Furniture 

Your un-stackable items can go on top of the stackable furniture. Think of things like ottomans, benches, lamps, and other items that are oddly shaped. If you have more lightweight items that couldn't go on top of your boxes, place them here.

Load Your Outdoor Items

As you get closer to the door of the moving truck, you should place your outdoor items like a BBQ grill, tools, bicycles, and other awkwardly shaped items. Since these items may be dirty, placing them near the door of the truck will help prevent making a mess throughout the entire truck. 

For more information on loading your moving truck or to hire movers to do this step for you, contact a moving company, such as Affordable Moving Company.