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Span-A-Year Calendars For All Your Planning And Promotional Needs

The digital world is taking over everything.  Between your phone, watch, tablet or computer, and other smart devices in your home,  you never have to worry about writing things down again. You may even think that wall calendars are obsolete. However, that thought would be wrong. There are many good reasons to buy and use analog calendars. Consider the span-a-year calendar and its benefits.

Promotional Product 

If you have a business, you probably have different promotional products you give to your clients and customers throughout the year. A wall calendar has long been one of these products for many companies. When you give a wall calendar that is one sheet, with your name and contact information across the top, your customers will be constantly reminded of your business. Any time they need to check a date or plan orders they will look to the wall and see your name.

Time-Management Tool

When you have a wall calendar that has enough space to write appointments and other information in the daily blocks, you never have to worry about forgetting important things. While you may have all this information stored on your phone with notifications set to remind you, there is something more personal and concrete about writing it onto the calendar. In addition, you need to consider how many notifications you just swipe away without really reading because you get so many of them throughout the day. 

Ease of Use 

Regardless of the phone or device you use to keep track of your time and appointments, things can get lost in them. You may have received a notification you did not pay close attention to and then have a hard time getting it back. However, when all you have to do is look at the wall to see what it is you are supposed to be doing you have no chance of losing it. You do not need to make the notation in any specific category or remember to set a notification or reminder, you simply have to write it down. In fact, the act of writing it down will imprint it into your memory much more than typing it into or saying it aloud to a device.

Whether you need a nice gift for your customers or want to help keep everyone in your company on track with their time management span-a-year calendars are a good option. The date squares are large enough to write the day's activities in and the lamination makes it easy to make any changes. Choose what you want the calendar to look like and what logo and information you want on it and you are set to go.