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Stopping The Threat Of Ransomware With Managed IT Services

Ransomware has become an increasingly frustrating and expensive threat to many small and mid-sized businesses over the years. The purpose of ransomware is to render a computer system, network, or set of data unusable until a demanded sum of money is paid. Unfortunately, many SMBs and mid-sized businesses lack the financial stability to protect themselves against ransomware, which is why managed IT services can help.

The Dangers of Ransomware

Ransomware is not just a financial burden for a business owner, it is also an operational burden. Blocking access to a computer system, network, or set of files can bring a business to a halt. It is also reported that average ransomware payments have increased over the last few years from an average of $6,733 at the end of 2018 to $233,871 toward the end of 2020.

Managed IT Services for the Win

Rather than becoming a victim of ransomware, it is best that you invest in managed IT services. There are plenty of options available for small and mid-sized business owners that are affordable. By investing in managed IT services, you are also investing in the financial and operational stability of your business. With the help of a managed IT company, you receive the benefit of enterprise level antivirus protection.

Although your services will vary depending on your budget, a comprehensive risk analysis, and other factors, you should know that antivirus software is often a bare minimum approach. Some services will also provide DNS filtering, so users do not accidentally gain access to malicious web pages. Advanced email security is another option as ransomware often comes disguised as email campaigns. Further, managed IT services will provide continuous patching and updates for ongoing security and peace of mind.

Why Ongoing Service Is a Must

When you think about it, ongoing IT services make the most sense. You will find that patches and updates need to be applied to keep your computer and network security up-to-date. Unfortunately, your employees are not necessarily IT experts. Rather than placing the financial and operational security of your business in the hands of someone who may or may not know what they are doing, it is better to trust in a professional.

Contact a professional near you today to discuss managed IT services for your business. A professional can answer your questions and provide you with helpful information to help you choose the services that best suit you.