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4 Unique Custom Mailing Tube Designs You Should Consider For Your Packaging

Custom mailing tubes are a great way to showcase your goods with style and personality. They are ideal for safely packaging and shipping items of any size or shape while also providing businesses a unique opportunity to make a statement with their packaging. Depending on the products and marketing needs, the packaging can be a simple, classic look or a more modern, distinctive design. Here are four unique mailing tube designs you should consider for your packaging needs:

Magnetic Closure Mailing Tube

Magnetic closure design uses a strong yet easy-to-open magnet to secure the tube lid. It creates a high-end, professional look ideal for sending out delicate items or business documents. The magnets are strong enough to keep the lid securely closed during shipping, whether through mail or delivery service. It is important to select the right size of the tube as per the product size to ensure the item doesn't move to stretch the magnet and is secure during transit.

Wrap-Around Design

The wrap-around design is ideal for items requiring extra protection during shipping. The tube has a snug fit that wraps around the item to protect it during transit. The design is also useful for items that require a more structured shape to keep them safe, such as a fragile canvas or painting. The wrap-around design is available in plain cardboard and printed designs, so it can be tailored to any product.

Embossed Design

The embossed design is a great way to add texture and dimension to your mailing tube. You can create a subtle, natural-looking texture or make a bold statement. The design is great for products that need to stand out, such as luxury items or handmade gifts. It also adds a unique touch to items that need to be sent in a tube.

Die-Cut Top Mailing Tube

The die-cut top design adds an eye-catching look to any mailing tube, creating a unique, personalized shape. The design is ideal for products that need to stand out and make a statement, such as promotional items or handmade gifts. The design is also great for products that require added protection, as it helps to keep them snugly in place during shipping.

Custom mailing tubes are a great way to showcase your goods in style and protect them during shipping. Using unique designs such as magnetic closure, wrap-around, embossed, and die-cut tops can help make your packaging stand out from the competition. No matter what product you are sending, these mailing tubes can be tailored to suit your needs. Contact a reliable custom mailing tube supplier to get the best quality packaging for your goods.